Bovisel Bloc (10pc)

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Bovisel Bloc (10pc)

  • High-quality licking bucket containing ORGANIC SELIUM / SEL- PLEX AND CHELATED MINERALS

    Boviselbloc is a high-quality licking bucket designed by veterinarians for cattle. Twelve months ago, the Bovisel company started production of a high-quality mineral mixture in 25kg bags, Boviselplus, in order to cater for the currently high requirements cattle have for minerals and trace elements. In the light of Boviselplus' huge success customers have made a significant demand for an alternative to ensure these vitamins and minerals are also on offer during the dry period. The selenium contained in the leading licking buckets now being sold are reported to be primarily non-organic ones whose concentrations are much too low.

    The levels of copper and zinc in licking buckets in chelate form are still too low, and most of the licking buckets do not contain biotin. Below you will find a brief scientific presentation of the most important Bovisel bloc components: organic selenium, choline and biotin

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